Pakistan UAE Business Forum

Within a few days of his appointment, Ambassador Javed Malik organized the Pakistan-UAE Business & Investment Forum which was aimed at paving the way for expansion of business, trade and commerce relations between Pakistan and United Arab Emirates and also open the doors for business to business cooperation between the private sector of both countries. Moreover since UAE has become a hub of business and trade with presence of businessmen and Entrepreneurs from many countries, this Forum was also aimed at highlighting and projecting the various opportunities that Pakistan has to offer especially after the change of government and under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

A detailed presentation was made to showcase the opportunities present in Pakistan and we also showed some parts of a documentary produced by Board of Investment so that the participants can recognize and appreciate the opportunities Pakistan has to offer. Business leaders from over 20 nationalities were present including Arabs, Europeans, North Americans and Asians, and the presentation greatly impressed and inspired them. This is evident from the fact that several participants have since approached to make serious enquiries about investing in Pakistan and we have discussed possibilities of their visit to explore business opportunities. We announced that delegation of businessmen and investors will be visiting Pakistan in February 2014, and accordingly several serious enquires were made in this regard so that they can join our delegation