Bahrain’s National Day 2016

Under the leadership of H.E. Javed Malik, the Ambassador of Pakistan, the he Pakistani Community in association with the Pakistan Embassy in Bahrain celebrated Bahrain’s National Day with a series of events and activities show their solidarity with His Majesty and the people of Bahrain.The large Pakistani community that lives, works and does business in Bahrain and being part the society they are always keen to join their Bahraini brothers and sisters in celebrating important occasions.

This year,  in consultation with the Pakistani embassy,  the Bahrain national day celebrations were organised by the Pakistani community in a more structured format under the theme”Celebrating Together:Bahrain National Day 2016″.  The Pakistani Community across the Kingdom of Bahrain organised around 12 events in order to allow maximum participation for all segments of society.

This is reflection of the love affection and warmth that the people of Pakistan have for their Bahraini brothers and sisters. The close brotherly relations between Pakistan and Bahrain are growing and becoming stronger by each passing day,  and the Pakistani community in Bahrain are a bridge that connects the people and the countries Therefore,  as friends and brothers,  the Pakistani and Bahraini community always join each other in celebrating important occasions.